From the very beginning, my experience with Northrup Homes has been extremely positive. The staff have gone above and beyond to ensure that my first home buying experience has been as seamless and stressfree as possible. My sales agent, Doug Brown, even went so far as to assist with some basic landscaping, on his day off, to ensure that I was happy with my lot. All of the staff at Northrup Homes are friendly and knowledgeable, and their flexible hours make it very easy to work around both my work and personal life commitments.

I hope to eventually upgrade to a larger home, and when I do, I plan to return to Northrup Homes. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking to purchase anything from a mini-home to a three story modular home, and everything in between.

Mary Oley

In the fall of 2012, my husband and I thought it necessary to build a daycare in the Rusagonis community, to better serve its residents and the adjacent communities. This dream became a reality in the spring of 2013 through Northrup homes. Doug Brown and his team were very instrumental throughout the process and have impressed with their professionalism, conciseness and know-how. Once again, we are very grateful to Northrup homes and would love to have them again.

Lindsay and Walter

We have the home of our dreams, thanks to Northrup Homes. Doug Brown worked with us every step of the way. He was very detailed oriented and helped us to design an amazing new home. Thanks!

Wendy Bradley

Northrup Homes is a company that will do absolutely everything they can to help a costomer. We are so thankful for the team at Northrup Homes, for they truly are the reason we have a beautiful and HEALTHY home to raise our family in today. The home we lived in became unhealthy for everyone. When we went to Northrups, they were determined to get us that healthy home. And they were true to their word. They went above and beyond, and we are so grateful.

Kendall and Larissa

We would like to thank ALL the staff of Northrup Homes. We are so Happy with our SECOND home from Northrups. Right from the moment we started with Holly we knew things would go so smooth and they did. Big thanks to Elizabeth...her weekly updates made the time go so fast! And kept us informed. Finally to Doug Brown.....He truly made us feel at ease and his knowledge in the business helped us to build the Home we wanted...we look forward to working with you all on our next home smile So Thank You!

Trina and Derek Toole

After being recently widowed, and having to sell my home, I found myself in a very stressful situation. I wasn't sure about weather I should rent or buy....weather it should be an apartment, condo or what. This was a very important step in finding a new place to live, and I was finding it hard to make this final decision.

I met Rick McFadyen on my first visit to Northrups. I was instantly put at ease. He went out of his way to make sure I had all the information about the homes, he explained where and how they were constructed, he told me about the quality of these homes, and the guarantee that comes with a new home.

Once I had made my decision to purchase a home, the next step was coming up with the right design. He took me on many tours to several homes, and we viewed several plans on-line, but I just couldn't find the layout that I had in my mind.

So, after many meetings with Rick, lots of phone calls back and forth, he was able to accommodate my wishes, and my design was approved! He was so kind and patient through this process, and went out of his way several times to get this up and running. I was dealing with a health issue during this time, and he made sure that things went very smoothly for me, and with as little stress as possible. I am grateful to him for this, and I really appreciated all of his help.

I have been in my new home since October, and I have never been as happy with a home in my life as I am with this beautiful Mini Home! The design and layout is exactly what I wanted. All my family and friends are very impressed and have expressed how they would love to live in a home as lovely as this!

So, I just want to thank Northrup Homes........and especially a warm and heartfelt thanks to Rick for all of his hard work in making this dream come true for me!

Barb Savage

Dealing with Rick and staff was an absolute pleasure. He truly made us feel like his only customers, which was amazing. He always had time to talk and answer any questions that we might have. Any issues or concerns that we have had since we started this amazing journey have been addressed right away and always with the highest level of professionalism. We would definitely recommend Northrups to anyone we know.

Thank you for helping us own our first home:)


Nicole Harris and Scott Gerrior

Dear Northrup Homes,
We would like to thank your staff whom made building our first home together not only possible, but a wonderful experience. Thank you to Rick for working with us and for surprising us with a few upgrades to our home, to Holly for helping make it financially possible, Jamie for his expertise and Elizabeth for the greatly appreciated (and unexpected) weekly updates. Also to anyone else who may have been involved.
Matthew and I love our new home and would highly recommend Northrup Homes to anyone looking to build a new home. We feel that they treated us as friendly neighbours, even family rather than just another business transaction. With Northrup Homes in business there is simply nowhere else to purchase a home from, they are second to no one.


The Cabanas
Matthew and Vanessa Cabana

To New Home Buyers,

Northrup Homes has just built a wonderful bungalow for me.  It is a beautiful example of the expert craftsmanship  and attention to detail that one would expect from a Maple Leaf quality home. I had very high expectations entering into the process of ordering a custom built modular home, and I am happy to say that I am thrilled with the end result.  Everyone who has seen my new house has been impressed with the workmanship and evident quality.  

I want to thank all of the staff at Northrup Homes, but especially Doug Brown.  His extensive knowledge, expertise and patience were invaluable to me, and he was there every step of the way for me. From customizing the floor plan to final walk through, Doug helped to make a lifestyle changing transition for me that much easier.  I absolutly and whole heartedly recommend Northrup Homes to anyone considering a new home.   

Jan Hicks

I heard horror stories about buying a home?? Well I just went through a very rewarding experience with my purchase of a new home from Northrup Homes.  From my initial contact with Mr Rick McFadyen, a salesman with Northrup Homes, right through to the final inspection, the entire process could not of gone any smoother.  Rick gave me advise on financing, legal issues, pros and cons on buying or renting my lot, choice of appliances plus the benefits of buying or renting a home.  If you are considering purchasing a new home, I would whole heartedly recommend Northrup Homes.  

A recent home buyer

Rhonda Lemieux


For about a year my partner and I have been discussing on moving out of rental properties. Sure, we owned the house, but not the land and we were discouraged from doing anything to the property by the owners. 'Why were we spending so much money on monthly lot rent (which increases every year) when we can't even do anything with it?' We asked ourselves this time and time again. 

Finally we made the call to Northrup Homes and spoke with Leigh Fearnley. Within a week of the call we had someone come to the house to make an assessment. Our house was an older mini home which we tried our hardest to maintain and upkeep. I wasn't expecting any miracles. We were offered an extremely fair offer to trade in our house. The process was fairly easy and straight-forward. There is always someone there to help if we had questions or concerns. These guys and gals know their stuff!

Now we have a brand-new house with a full basement and some brand-new appliances- we are loving our new space.

-Charlene & Jeff


When we first moved to NB we were not familiar with the term ‘modular home’, or what it included.  So we stopped in at Northrup Homes with a lot of questions.  We knew we wanted a brand new home, but we also were working with a limited budget.

Leigh was referred to us by our mortgage broker (Sylvie Messer).  We went in & fired a ton of questions his way & Leigh had no trouble answering every question and addressing any concerns we may have had.  Leigh was also very patient with us as we took our time to make our decision on if we wanted to purchase a land & home package with Northrup Homes.

We were thoroughly impressed with his knowledge and just how helpful & courteous he was.

We finally decided to purchase a modular home, and even though we had signed off on the paperwork, Leigh was there every step of the way during the process.  Anytime we had a question, or needed to confirm a detail, Leigh was my first point of contact & he was on it almost immediately.

Even a year later when I went searching for paperwork I needed, Leigh answered my inquiry right away without hesitation.  That is top notch customer service.  It is not often you can a reputable company that is there for you even after the transaction is complete.  We have been very happy in our brand new home for almost 2 years now & it has been everything we had hoped for & then some.  We would strongly recommend Leigh & the staff at Northrup homes in an instant! 

Cheryl Wright


 I read the other testimonials on Northrup's website - and I think our story may bring a bit of a different spin to complicating a new home project.  We needed to buy, and place a new home mini home, and move our absolutely wonderful aging Mom in rural New Brunswick over a 4 week period this past summer, while up that 4 week period - my wife and I were living in Madrid (over the past year).  When I talked to several mini-home providers in early 2015 from various locations in New Brunswick I said a key priority for me was that the mini-home provider manage the project from "start to finish" - because quite frankly we couldn't be around that much.  

I'm very pleased to say that the hands on care that I received from Doug and Jamie from Northrup was excellent.  Northrup nailed the 4 week delivery/install window this past summery (of which only 3 weeks my wife and I were in NB) install period perfectly which was fantastic.  It removed a huge amount of stress for both of us.   The earthwork (which they coordinated), the new water well, the deck/steps, the building permits, the new home installation was all taken care of by Northrup - allowing us to focus on moving mom into her new home where she's truly marvelling her new found luxury and conveniences (having moved from the 140 year old homestead). "

Well done - and many thanks, 
Mike Regan


 As soon as we met Leigh Fearneley it was as if we had always known him. He has been paramount in getting us into our first home which is absolutely beautiful. During the time we were planning to have a mini home built to put on our property, I was pregnant with our second child and I needed everything to go smoothly, as I wanted us to be relocated closer to our family after the baby was born. Every step of the way Leigh was available to walk us through it. His experience, sense of humor, and genuine nature are just a few of the many things that make him a pleasure to work with. We are so thankful to everyone at Northrup homes for giving our family such a wonderful experience and beautiful home to raise our children. We feel like we have won the lotto! Bravo.

 Erica Ingersoll

Leigh came came highly recommended from friends that had purchased a home from Northrups. Right from the start we realized we made the right decision. Leigh was very articulate, patient and professional. He recommend all the people we needed to see. Which made our whole process so much easier and hassel free. Excellent service all the way around from start to finish. We are extremly grateful for the hard work and exemplary service provided by Leigh and the Northrups team. Leigh was always available for any questions or concerns and was very knowledgeable in so many aspects. We are extremely happy and would  highly recommend Northrups and Leigh to anyone.  Thanks for helping us buy are first home.

Our journey with Northrup Homes started late in 2007, my husband and I were young, recently engaged and living an hour away from one another.  I had recently completed college and on contract with my employer and Jonathan had recently switched jobs.  We decided we wanted out of apartment  living and wanted to purchase our first home.  From first meeting with Leigh at Northrup Homes, Jonathan and I were put at ease immediately.  We knew we didn’t have much to offer at our young age and so early into our careers, but Leigh reassured us he could make it happen and he did not disappoint!  We purchased a previously owned mini-home through Northrup Homes within a few months and since February of 2008, we called that home for many, many beautiful years.

Now almost ten years later and plus two tiny toddler feet, we were ready to expand our home horizons again BUT this time we had a specific vision in mind.  Naturally, Leigh was our first thought and call when we were ready to dig into this new venture.

Now, I am a natural worrier but the Northrups Team put me at ease and made the entire process so smooth and seamless. Leigh was so patient and worked so hard to get us EXACTLY what we wanted and what we needed in a home.  After much discussion, we decided on a land and home package with an on-site build where we could pick the various aspects of our home from our flooring, paint, fixtures…and the list goes on!  I cannot express to you the gratitude Jonathan and I would like to express to Leigh and the rest of the Northrups Team.  They are tremendous.  Elizabeth was always so prompt and efficient with all of our home updates and with answers to any of my (many) questions that we had.  Leigh and Glen were always so friendly and accommodating and strived to ensure we were happy! 

We are still in awe of our beautiful home; we sometimes can’t even believe it’s ours.  Thank you Leigh, Glen, Elizabeth, Jamie, Jane, Lana and everyone else of the Northrups Team for all of your hard work and continued dedication to making exceptional homes and providing customer service that is second to none.

Everyone who has visited our home or has viewed pictures are also in awe and always ask who we dealt with.  We will always consider Leigh a lifelong friend he will always be our first recommendation for anyone looking to  purchase a home no matter what stage you are at in your life. - They are known for making dreams come true!

Thank you again,

Jonathan & Dominique McKeil




It all started with our salesman, Leigh Fearneley, who was so wonderful.  He took time not only to show us different houses, but to explain and answer any questions we had with regards to layout, changes, finishes, etc. and was always there whenever we needed him.

Next we met with Matt Harris (Matt Harris & Son Ltd.).  Matt cleared our lot, dug the basement, put in the water, septic and crushed rock for the driveway.  Matt also helped us out when we had questions; even if it wasn't his field; he'd try to find the answers for us.  He and his staff did an awesome job!  Without hesitation; we highly recommend Matt and his crew.

We met with most of the sub-contractors, starting from the time the house was placed on our property until move-in day.  If we had a question or a change; we advised the contractor and the change was made.  If the contractors had questions regarding what we would like to have; they contacted us, met with us and provided us with explanations and options. 

We felt comfortable from day one and highly recommend Leigh Fearneley from Northrup Homes.  

A special thank-you to Leigh, Matt, Glenn, all of the Northrup Homes staff and to all of the sub-contractors who helped make things easy for us.

We are so pleased and as a result of this journey; we made some wonderful new friends along the way.

The Valentino Family

Brenda, Joe, Amanda & Austin


My mother and I rented for my entire life, when we decided to buy a home-  Northrup was our first choice. Leigh was very thourough and walked us through step by step on everything from mortgages to the floor plan of the house. I highly recommend Northrups services to anyone.

Kathleen Warden



It took me three years to buy the home I wanted.

Three years of my wife doing endless research with a growing baby on her lap, while I talked to banks on the side of so many rural roads throughout Atlantic Canada hoping my cell signal would hold out long enough to get an answer.

Three years of asking over and over again ‘if I have great credit and the money… why can’t anyone seem to make this work?’ Three years of frustration and disappointment.

Then on a whim I went into Northrup Homes and told my story to Doug.

Not only was Doug familiar with my situation, he was understanding and helpful. He put his resources to work for me and my family. He knew what I needed to do to make sure we could get what we wanted, a yard for my little girl to play in.

Doug and the team at Northrup Homes never once failed to come through on a promise they made. They never filled us with false hope or steered us wrong. When Doug called me in late November to say ‘I think we can have you in by Christmas, we’ll try,’ I knew that he wouldn’t have even set a hint of an expectation for that in my mind if he didn’t think it was true.

On December 19th I got the keys. On December 24th I walked in with our Christmas tree, wrapped in cellophane and completely decorated… I cut the wrap off of it, plugged in the lights, and we spent our first Christmas eve in our new home wrapping gifts and talking about how it didn’t feel real.

Months later, as I write this and reflect, I still can’t believe it’s real. My wife and daughter are so happy.

After the sale was done, Doug and the team at Northrup are still wide open with me when I call, answering questions with real answers, and taking action when action is required.

One night, in the midst of approval, the stress was almost insurmountable for me. Like I said before, three years of so close yet so far away, three years of hearing ‘you’re good… oh wait, hmmm… sorry.’ I thought I was about to hear it again and had almost given up. Doug called me after hours and not only set my mind at ease, but gave me confidence that everything would work out.

Everything did; just one more expectation that was set and exceeded.

I could go on for pages about the wonderful experience I had and continue to have with Northrup Homes. The most important thing to me is that from the beginning I was treated with honesty, integrity, and never once felt out of the loop on anything. I give Doug and the crew at Northrup Homes my absolute highest recommendation. My wife would say the same. I’m so glad I stopped in to see Doug that day. What a day it turned out to be!

-          Bob 



I thought I would tell you my experience with Northrup Homes! I needed a home for my daughter and I, and quickly LOL! I met Rick and he was beyond helpful.  

He told me I could get into a home cheaper than rent and from that time on made my dream come true!  Rick was a total pleasure to deal with as well as Holly!  Thank you so much for making a dream come true for me and my daughter.  Hope you all had a wonderfull Christmas and New Year as you made me the happiest women this Christmas in my new home!  

Thank You, Angela Cahill


From the day we first walked in to talk about ordering a Home, till the day we walked out holding our keys. Northrup Homes was Amazing!!! We got the pleasure to work with Doug Brown, who really listened to us, who was ready to help us in anyway he could, and who got us exactly what we wanted, our DREAM HOME! From the warm welcome upon entering Doug's office,, to the hand shake of a done deal we could not be any happier! 5 Stars!! Northrup Homes is the place to get Your Dream Home!

Thank You a hundred times over!

Troy and Tera Kelly

Happy Home Owners of a Northrups Home!